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Evaluating Entrepreuneurship Programs


Continuous improvement is a must, especially when implementing entrepreneurship support programs, where peoples’ dreams, lives and future are at stake. Yet, this is more easily said than done. Impact assessments are very difficult to conduct, since they need to be based on a mix of quantitative (and therefore measurable) key performance indicators and of qualitative information (which is more difficult to grasp and evaluate). Data collection and qualitative information analysis, benchmarking and peer-assessments should be part of a organically-designed system which should be embedded in any business support organization, whether public or private, that relies on scarce resources to execute its strategies to achieve growth. Our extensive experience in designing and managing monitoring and evaluation systems for business support organizations and associations can help your organization and team to pursue a mindset of constant development by assisting it in adopting mixed quantitative and qualitative assessment methods, collecting and assessing data and information and analysing results.

We can support your organization in designing a proper M&E system

We can support your organization in running and improving an M&E system

We can support your organization in analysing results and outcomes of your entrepreneurship support program

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