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Entrepreneurship Solutions

A practical and pragmatic approach

Education and Capacity Building

Training is at the core of our values. Dynamically sharing experiences and practices is always challenging and stimulating. The training modules presented here have been designed, tested and delivered over time, always with adaptations to take account of local factors. All of these modules are delivered jointly by a group of highly qualified experts.

Evaluation and Assessments

Continuous improvement is a must, especially when implementing entrepreneurship support programs, where peoples’ dreams, lives and future are at stake. Managing monitoring and evaluation systems for business support organizations and associations can help your organization and team to pursue a mindset of constant development by assisting it in adopting mixed quantitative and qualitative assessment methods, collecting and assessing data and information and analysing results.


In the last 20 years we have consulted for many different organizations that share one core value: dedication to balanced growth! They all strive to increase well-being and wealth through actions aimed at supporting local entrepreneurs and innovators in the pursuit of their dreams and visions.