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Entrepreneurship, innovation and growth

In the last 20 years we have consulted for many different organizations that share one core value: dedication to balanced growth! They all strive to increase well-being and wealth through actions aimed at supporting local entrepreneurs and innovators in the pursuit of their dreams and visions.

In the course of this activity we have gained wide and varied experience and witnessed many different practices. In the Western Balkans, supporting the establishment of Local Economic Development Agencies. In Taiwan, assisting the most advanced technology incubators. In Senegal, supporting local actors in developing their own development strategies. In Jordan, setting up a tailored M&E system for local incubators. In Palestine, facilitating the re-modelling of the local ICT Incubator. In Armenia, working together with local actors to support the establishment of a business and innovation center. And, of course, in Europe, assessing and supporting business and innovation centres.


We walk yuor business through a hands-on international coaching program that will help you understand your real chances to access European  markets.

We put your business in connection with the incubation and acceleration industry of Europe, through a dedicated coaching program that will help you select the business support organization that is most suitable to your needs.

Business Support Organizations

We help you connect with your entrepreneurs supporting the build up of great entrepreneurship programs. We train, assess and develop together with you, your staff and your stakeholders.

We organize dedicated peer reviews to support the refolrmulation of entrepreneurial services to ensuring they are well adapted to the needs of the entrepreneurial community you are striving to serve.

We help your organization benchmark with peers through the organization of dedicated study tours in Europe and beyond.

Entrepreneurship Associations

As “Natural Born Networkers” we fully understand the power of associations of business support organizations of all shapes and forms. Networks should bring immediate benefits and added value to their members: from visibility to communication, from promotion to advocacy, from best practices exchange to mutual learning, from information to project building… Whether your organization is an experienced membership association that needs to reshape its services, or a young one planning to set up a new service offering, our extensive experience of working within networks can enable you to build your services while better responding to the needs of your members.